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A few weeks ago, I received a package of RAU Cosmetics. RAU Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand that is new on the Dutch market. They aim to make clean, high quality beauty products with low to zero additions of mineral oil, silicon oil, parabens and PEGs. And most important; they offer this for a reasonable price. I am not such a big fan of extremely priced cosmetic products, but do like cosmetics that that fit my own way of healthy and clean living. That is why I find myself supporting the approach of this new brand. But of course, apart form the high-quality ingredients, the good price and the clean look & feel of the products, the effects of the product is what counts.

I started with the tri-peeling. I must say I am always very reluctant with using scrubs or peelings. I find scrubs mostly being too harsh on the sensitive skin of your face. But I was open for trying a peeling once. The tri-peeling is part of the white tea series from RAU cosmetics, focused on anti-aging for the young and/or sensitive skin. The tri-peeling works with three different fruit acids, and you definitely feel that. It is a bit stingy on the face, but not unpleasant. After 20 minutes I washed it off thoroughly. I did not see a lot of difference, but my skin felt very smooth and soft for the rest of the day. I must say I do not have a lot of skin problems so my expectations were not too big, so I was surprised by the smoothening effect it even had on a non-problematic skin. 
The tri-peeling, 16,95 for 30 ml.

Ususally, I do not use a washgel, just a tonic and a make-up remover, afterwards I wash my face with warm water. I choose for washing my face with warm water because I am afraid to dry out my skin when I use soaps with perfumes to wash my face every night. This washgel is part of the Silver series of RAU, which help the problematic skin. It is anti-inflammatory and specializes in moisturizing your skin, getting rid of red spots and helps against an oily skin. I find myself using the washgel on days when my skin feels a bit oilier, may it be because of hormons or external effects. It really helps in getting you skin thoroughly clean, instead of a tonic, and with help of the nice smell, you experience you skin being very clean as well.
Silver Facial Washgel,  9,80 for 100 ml.

The white tea cream was my favorite product. I really like that it is both a day an night cream, just makes it easier in use, especially when you are traveling.  The cream is not oily, but gives you a great moisturized feeling and the scent is incredible; not too forthcoming, very subtle but feminine.

White Tea Cream,  9,95 for 15 ml.

The Orient's Secret is also both a day and night cream. It focuses on strengthening and calming the skin, while reducing the signs of aging. I can image it focuses on strengthening and anti-aging, since the cream is a bit thicker and oilier than the white tea cream. Not my type of cream, but I can imagine it would be very pleasant for a bit older and more oilier skin. The smell is again very pleasant though.

Orient's Secret,  24,95 for 50 ml.

Another pleasant finding was the White Tea Eye Gel. Especially after some hard days of work (read: partying ;)), I notice that I am not 18 anymore and my eyes get swollen. The white tea eye gel really helps diminishing the effects of these hard nights on you eyes. It helps to calm the eyes, reduces the hard lines and in general helps the sensitive skin to be better moisturized. 
White Tea Eye Gel,   9,95 for 5 ml.

RAU Cosmetics has lot's of more products in different series, for different ages and types of skins. Want to know more about these friendly-priced, high quality products? Have a look at their facebook or website.

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